1 Loaf is Enough!

The disciples had forgotten to bring bread,
except for one loaf they had with them
in the boat. Mark 8:14
Aware of their discussion, Jesus asked them:
Why are you talking about having no bread?
Do you no see or understand? Have your
hearts hardened? Mark 8:17

Of course verse 14 took me on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Here the disciples are, traveling with Him on the heels of 2 major miracles. He breaks 5 loaves and feeds the 5 thousand! Turns around, breaks 7 loaves feeds 4 thousand! Both time, they collect pieces of bread left over, and each time, they encounter the crowd, they are not prepared to meet their needs!

It wasn’t that they lacked resources. The text says that they forgot to bring bread, not that they had no bread to bring. They simply loaded up the station wagon and forgot to bring lunch and snacks! How is it possible that they could have these two experiences, and still be unprepared for what lay ahead.

Yep, you guessed it! I thought about us! How is it that you only have one loaf with you? After you have survived stock market crashes, housing crises, economic and spiritual depressions, destructive weather systems, famine through shortages….and these are the rare destructive forces we encounter. What about the day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter crises? The rising cost of living, the every fluctuating job market, home and auto repairs, medical cost/expenses? And you are telling me you still have 1 loaf?

At least the disciples could argue that they had access to other loafs, and for this situation, they were not experiencing lack, they were simply not prepared! Why is it that we still find ourselves unprepared for today and for tomorrow? How is it that the days requirements simply slipped your mind? How much have you missed out on because you didn’t pack and plan properly? I would assume not much, but in most cases, its safe to assume the are a few instances in our lives where we caused stress and chaos for ourselves and others because we did not plan!

Honestly, if I am Jesus, I probably dock the boat, grab some twine and fashion a whip (give them that temple action!!!)! They have one job (probably had 10 jobs each)! I preach. I teach! I heal! I cast out demons! I perform the miracles! I do the interviews! You Assist! You have one responsibility! I’m carrying all the weight, and you forget the bread? Unacceptable!

They are shocked themselves. Talking among themselves about the irresponsible actions of the group. And Jesus addresses them. His concern was not that they forgot the bread, but why they forgot the bread. Jesus says that they are acting like Pharisees wanting a sign (probably write another blog on this one).

As I read, I was in complete shock! Jesus says to them, “Why are you talking about having no bread?He wasn’t concerned about their irresponsible actions. He interrupts their conversation and says, in essence, 1 loaf is enough!

“Do you not understand? Have your hearts hardened?” Jesus says, with me, you will always have enough. There is enough power in me, enough compassion in me, enough love in me, enough mercy in me to make sure we can meet the needs of the people we encounter next. 1 loaf is enough!

Frustrated, I read it again. Doesn’t He see that they have been irresponsible? Doesn’t He see they have been wasteful? Doesn’t He see their forgetfulness as a misuse and abuse of His power? The answer would be yes! However, His concern is about their relationship with Him.

“Do you no see or understand? Have your hearts hardened?” He continued. He was more concerned that their conversation discussed their doubt to feed those that would gather, or that their desire was to see Him do further miracles to establish their faith or solidify their belief in Him.

Having said that, I wonder how many of my lack of faith conversations have caused God to be sick to His stomach. Even though said conversation might have concluded with faith, the journey towards walking in faith is sometimes littered with doubt. There are times when the Holy Spirit and I exchange stories. She brings forth what God has done, and I recount what was denied and what failed! She talks about how we have overcome, and I provide a detailed list of what’s yet to be completed and still undone.

Let us fix our conversations to reflect our trust and belief in God. Now, this is no excuse or reason to be unprepared, but in the chance that we are, we must move with confidence, knowing that we serve a God that is not only willing, but fully capable of providing all our needs. He will make a way out of no way! And when we are focused on the 1 loaf, let us not be fearful, and acknowledge that 1 loaf is enough!




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