Cancel “Cancel Culture!”

Today we talked Cancel Culture! Matthew 7:1–2 was the base of our discussion.

Cancel Culture has emerged as a way of dealing with those that have offended a person/group or is deemed dangerous to the community.

The initial intent was to hold people accountable for their words and actions, but has become the demise of many whom responded from their ignorance, immaturity, entitlement, mis-information and un-enlightened state.

Though the actions of the offender make Canceling feel justified, making a judgement quickly can also be ignorant, immature, mis-informed and un-enlightened.

As ones that will face eternal judge and also a jury of our peers, we must be aware that the culture we create will be the same cancel culture we live in. We should remain compassionate and understanding, knowing that the same standard we use towards others will be used towards us!

Does living in the Cancel Culture bring additional stress on those that participate in it?