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Joshua 10:42 All these kings and their lands
Joshua conquered in one campaign, because
the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel.
43 Then Joshua returned with all Israel to the
camp at Gilgal.

“All these kings…” verse 42 reads, documenting the dominance displayed through a divinely appointed leader. Joshua has fought one king at a time, and even took on 5 kings who came together to destroy an ally. Joshua moved on from there, advancing and checking kings off the list, 1. Libnah; Check 2. Lichish; Check 3. Eglon; Check 4. Hebron; Check. Along with these kings, he conquered “…their land”.

The scripture says Joshua conquered them in one campaign. Joshua and Israel swept through the land, a dominant force, conquering lands long before their arrival. The respect and fear for Joshua grew with every box he checked.

As a movie building to a climax, Joshua rose from the shadows of Moses to become a respected and accomplished leader in a short time. This all occurred in one campaign.

As the reign of other established leaders, not only declined, but halted, Joshua’s influence is on a steep incline. This was possible “…because the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel.” Though Joshua put in some sweat equity, the Word informs us that God was literally fighting for Israel.

As loyal as Joshua was to both Moses and Yahweh, the Word clearly says this fight was for Israel. As a leader, it would be more comforting to know that God was literally fighting to established me. That his desire was to reward or honor my loyalty and faithfulness with promotion and victory, but the Word is clear in this verse was that God was fighting to establish Israel and not Joshua.

I truly believe this is always the case. God chooses to use human beings to fight and to follow. Our elevation and accomplishments are tied to our willingness to submit to His will for our lives and to make His will manifest in the lives of others.

Knowing this we must should retain and maintain humility that helped us gain favor from the Lord. As we accomplish things with God and gain the recognition of our peers, we must remember that God is fighting in the battle with us. The humility that must be worn by us all adjust as we emerge. The humility worn after the first victory must be be altered. We must stand before the Lord, the masterful tailor/seamstress as see what needs to be let out, and what needs to be taken in. Humility isn’t purchased off the public rack, its a custom made fabric measured to fit you.

Joshua returned from victory a legend from one season. He left an unaccomplished but loyal follower, and returned home with his hands in victory.

As the fight rages on, there are times when one can become discourage because of it seems the fighting will never end.

But be encouraged. After reading this passage I began to celebrate. It’s not just the victory that’s a joy to have, but peace that rewards those who are willing to fight and endure the chaos of the day. There are days where swinging the sword seems unreasonable and or impossible when under attack. But for those facing the adversary, we must look to the hills and call upon all that is within us to continue fighting off the advances, and striking in we advance until we have the advantage.

For those who have fought one king after another, dealt with one problem after another, the text says Joshua and the others returned back to camp with the fighting behind them. Pick up the sword and continue to fight. Fight until the battle is won. There will be time to rejoice in victory and a day where you check the boxy of peace.




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Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.

Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.

Husband of 1, Father of 5, Servant of 1 God!