Finish Slaying Them!

Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.
3 min readOct 30, 2020

And it came about when Joshua and the sons of Israel
had finished slaying them with a very great slaughter,
until they were destroyed and the survivors who
remained of them had entered the fortified cities,
Joshua 10:20

The backdrop of this battle is the Lord holding still the sun and the moon while Joshua and Israel fought. Remember, God has destroyed some of the enemy by confusing them, hailing stones from heaven, and now enabling Joshua and his army to use the momentum established to finish their defeated foe.

The word says they “…had finished slaying them…”. On the onset of this dialogue, I want to ensure that slaying is figurative and not literal. While Joshua and Israel literally took the lives of those that stood in the way of God’s Kingdom advancing, I see things that we need to lay to rest not physically, but ethically, morally, socially and most assuredly politically!

The people of God in America are facing its own set of 5 Kings. These Kings have bound together to form one Kingdom under the God “mammon” called Capitalisms. Racism, Classism, Chauvinism/Sexism, Politicism, & Materialism (not in this specific order).

Joshua and Israel were aware that the 5 Kings would continue to emerge and challenge Israel’s’ peace. If not destroyed, they would face the constant war and destruction of current and future Kingdom members. This is why Joshua asked God for more time.

They had to destroy them while they could. Currently, they had momentum. They had broken their spirits. The Kings and their armies were on the run. And God had provided a window and shown them favor in battle. This was the time, a time that would soon pass.

Sadly, the People of God in America has faced each King one at a time and chose to reconstruct them and not destroy them. We have tried our best to manage these different Kingdoms as opposed to putting them to the sword, and consequently, they have come together in what visibly seems to be an unformidable opponent.

The reality is that these Kings are driven by an evil that can not stand against the true Kingdom of God. Righteousness administered in love will destroy each Kingdom we face, but we can not make the mistake of managing evil, we must be dedicated to the eradication of it. These Kings can not be allowed to go off the grid, hide in caves, build special interest groups collect ammunition, recruit through lies and rule through deception. In the past, we have chosen to pacify these groups, and at most be passive aggressive in our dealings with them, but it is time for the church to focus on the things that are destroying our people; preventing us from living life to the full.

Sadly we see another day where the sun is going down, which will allow these Kings to regroup and attack in another decade, thus I believe that we like Joshua need to be asking the same thing for the Kingdom of God! We must unite together; every tongue, every tribe, placing aside foolish arguments and disagreements, putting to rest sources of contention with the understanding that one Kingdom will eventually fall; America or Church.