He will Speak, If You will Listen!

Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.
3 min readJan 20, 2022

When God is quiet, use His Word like a Stethoscope to hear
His heart and will for You. He will speak if you will listen!


I posted this in 2017 after speaking to a friend who was going through the silence. We all experience moments where the voice of God seems absent from our ear. I know, who has heard God’s audible voice lately? I have. It’s heard in many ways. Sometimes it’s heard in prayer and meditation. Sometimes it’s in a song, other times it’s through a person. Most often it’s in the scripture! We are constantly hearing God guide us and confirm in us and for us the way we should go.

Too often we try to hear God’s Voice outside of spending time in God’s Word.

If we aren’t hearing His voice, there’s a good chance that we have not been reading His Word. Have you been spending time in God’s Word? We have to be intentional about our time with God. Not reading, does not know mean we don’t know Him or that we are not familiar with His Word, but that we haven’t been studying His Word.

There is a reason God instructs us to meditate on the word day and night. Knowing God, and hearing God require more than just a reading of the scripture. When we meditate on the Word, we enter into a dialogue with God, asking questions and listening to Him speak to us about His will for our lives and others.

If we aren’t reading and studying God’s Word, it indicates that we are also not spending enough time in prayer and meditation on the Word and our spiritual journey. We must engage God on a deeper level, seeking Him in every aspect of our lives. Searching for Him with every breath and following Him with every step. We must seek to be more like Him by discipline ourselves. Walking a mile in His shoes shows us and teaches us more about Him, and more about ourselves.

This intimate time with God’s Word allows us to touch His heart. Touching His heart reveals His will and allows us to represent Him accurately in our daily walk and also in our prayers. It allows us to have dialogue with Him that extends beyond praying for earthly things but opens our hearts and minds to praying for heavenly things on earth.

The last portion of the quote from 2017 is the second half of the challenge we have with hearing God. Often, God is speaking, but we aren’t willing to listen. Much like the child that covers their ears or puts in their EarPods or headphones to block out the world, we read God’s Word, memorizing all the promises, and ignoring all the instructions. Sometimes the silence of God isn’t silence at all, but it’s the unwillingness of us to submit to His will for our lives. Often God has spoken to us about our ways and remains confirmed about His desires.

There are times when we protest God’s Word with our disobedience. His Word cries out about our sin and the injustices we have towards others. Our flesh stands in agreement and leads us to defend our actions, disputing His voice until it is muted in our lives. Are you living in rebellion?

God will speak to anyone who is open to listening.

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