My Position Hasn’t Changed!

Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.
4 min readSep 6, 2022

So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the
top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face
between his knees. 1 Kings 18:42

In this passage, we find Elijah full of faith and confidence from the showdown with the prophets of Baal. God had shown Elijah what He was with Him, sending fire from heaven to consume the water on the altar along with the sacrifice.

He climbs to the top of the mountain and calls for His God! The land was hungry for the rain, and so were the people. Elijah bends down with humility and faith, placing his face between his knees and cries out to the Lord.

Keep Looking; It Will Appear!

Seven times, Elijah sent his servant to look for rain. Seven times, the servant looked over towards the sea and returned with a negative report. Seven times, Elijah’s servant was obedient looking into the sky for a sign, any sign that God was granting Elijah’s request. Seven times, Elijah sent him back to look for what had yet to manifest. Elijah continued in prayer, while his servant looked for confirmation that God was getting ready to open up the windows of heaven.

I just imagine, as the servant came in and out of the presence of Elijah, he looked upon the position of his master bowed over in full submission and in all humility staying before the Lord filled with faith, just as he had done at the altar. There was no doubt in the mind of Elijah that God could pour out rain, just like he rained down fire from heaven at the showdown. Elijah would not be moved. He would remain until the situation changed.

Would Your Position Change?

And I thought about myself, and I wondered about you. How many times would you have spoken to the servant? Would I have remained bowed and praying for 2 investigations or 3? Maybe I would make it to 4, and then I would shift my position? Maybe you would make it to 5, and altar your stance? Maybe some of you would stand up after 2 investigations, and descend from the mountain? But not Elijah! Elijah prayed until change came. Would you?

Remain, until Things Change!

Elijah continued in prayer until God moved. He prayed in faith until there was a sign that God had moved. Though he might have looked foolish in the eyes of Ahab and his servant, Elijah continued in prayer until God answered his prayer. Some of us have the faith that God will move but are so vain and concerned about the opinions of others, that we would give up far too soon and miss out on the move of God.

Honestly, Elijah’s declaration had caused this calamity to fall upon the earth, and he was determined to bring about a blessing upon the land that his word has caused to suffer. He prayed like the responsible party, knowing the lives of the people and their prosperity was attached to the rain being restricted. He prayed not for himself, and not to prove himself, but for the relief of the people. He had seen the suffering up close and was determined to tarry in prayer until relief had come to the people.

Discomfort often Precedes Change.

I was encouraged as well as instructed by this example set by Elijah! The scripture says he was at the mountain top, and not only was his face between his knees, but it was facing the ground. I wondered to myself how many of us would remain in a position that caused us to get dirty? How many of us would get in and remain in a dirty uncomfortable position for the people we are sent too? Honestly, it would be easy to tarry in the comforts of our homes and sanctuaries, but Elijah knelt at the top of the mountain with no cover, with the sun beating down on his flesh.

Fervent Prayer is Needed!

As Pastor’s and Prophets, we too must pray with the same fervency. He saw the needs of the people and continued crying out to God until change came. I wondered what type of rain is needed in our communities. What are our people in desperate need of? Maybe it’s not something you spoke like Elijah, but something you have seen as you have dwelt among the people? Maybe it’s the rumblings you have heard from those you are connected too?

No matter the need and how the need became so great, the question we must ask ourselves is “How long will remain in position?” Are you willing to fast and pray until the people receive what they need? Are you willing to continue in prayer until healing comes? Only we can answer this question for ourselves.

Elijah’s head remained between his knees while God meet the people’s needs. His position didn’t change, and neither should ours!

Keep praying. Keep speaking. Keep listening. Keep believing. Keep laboring. Keep fasting. Keep sacrificing. Keep humble. Keep seeking Him. He will come through.

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