Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.
5 min readNov 20, 2021

They were angry with Jeremiah and had him beaten and
imprisoned in the house of Jonathan the secretary, which
they had made into a prison. Jeremiah was put into a
vaulted cell in a dungeon, where he remained a long time.

Jeremiah 37:16–17

While we have been encouraged to speak freely, the actions and activities of the present have taught us that there is a cost to speaking the truth. While the Word informs us that the truth will set us free, we must be aware that we can be Spiritually free and Physically in bondage.

Here we find our hero in a dungeon, elevated in a cage from the ceiling. He is isolated from the people, labeled a danger to society. Yes, you want to know what he did? You might think he is a murderer or serial killer who has instilled fear in the community. Maybe you think he is a notorious thief who has stolen from his community and has caused distrust and insecurity among the residents. Maybe he has offended some of the women and children in the community? Maybe he is a heretic or a blasphemer?

He was Chosen the Speak

If you guessed any of these you would be wrong! Jeremiah is the chosen man of God. He spends time with the Lord and brings a Word of truth to the people. He does not decide what will happen. He does not counsel God on the matter. He simply goes before God with the question and records and recalls what God says. The Words that come from his mouth are not his own. They are a monologue if you will, drawn from the script that God has given him. He has a proven track record, and has been consistent in speech and deed. He has remained consistent, not wavering even under the threat of persecution, bribe or promise. He simply tells the truth!

This truth proved to be a Word that was unfavorable to the King and the agenda of those in power. As opposed to taking Jeremiahs Word and positioning the people for safety and victory, they chose to ignore his prophesy and seek a word that confirmed their plans. The were willing to sacrifice the life of those they were supposed to protect, as opposed to admit that they were in error in the way they chose to lead them. They would suppress the truth and die living out a lie.

The reality is that the truth would set them free. They knew Jeremiah would continue speaking the truth, even if he was ordered not to. He would continue sharing God’s Word even if he was beaten and fined, so they chose to imprison him and had plans to execute him.

So you want to be a Prophet?

Separate the Ear from the Mouth!

While the truth set’s the hearer free, it often sets is speaker in harms way. The people were made the wiser by the truth, so they had to get him off the streets. They had to keep his mouth from their ears. They had to keep his words from their hearts. They had to separate the man of God from the people of God, because they knew the Kingdom agenda would thwart the plans of the kings agenda.

Today, I believe we are seeing the same!!!!!! Those speaking lies are given the microphone and promoted on the platforms, while those who carry the truth are published but not promoted. The lie goes viral, while the truth moves at a snails pace. Sadly, people are more willing to share the lie than they are willing to share or speak the truth.

The Lie Goes Viral and the Truth is Unshared

The lie, tingles the ear, and brings excitement, while the truth is a seasoned and sensible Word designed to deliver and give life and life to the full. It’s often not fancy, because its designed to be clear, while the lie is seasoned and designed for portability, marred with confusion, and soaked in libel and slander. It’s aim is to confuse one to death, while the truth is designed to communicate life.

Jeremiah speaks life to the people and finds himself elevated in a cell. Jeremiah has no panic. He knows that that the Lord is the one that elevates (play on words)! He is elevated high above the people, because God has chosen Him to bear the burden of hearing, carrying an speaking the truth.

Jeremiah does not worry. He knows that the God he serves can remove him from his present circumstances. The only thing keeping Jeremiah in this cell is the Lord. He is above all men, and in control of all things. He can open doors and shut doors.

Jeremiah is patient. He knows where his help comes from, so he remains steadfast in the midst of challenge and adversity. He knows God can free him, and trust that in a moment, God will send someone with the keys to deliver him from death. And he was right.

And I am writing today to tell you not to panic, not to worry, and to remain patient. God will send for you! God will free you! God will liberate you! God will exalt you. God will favor you!

The question is, what will you do once you are freed? Jeremiah was brought before the King and asked the same question. Would he say the same things after tasting prison life? Or would Jeremiah alter the message and enjoy the freedom and earthly reward of being a liar? He chose to speak the truth; will you?

Prophets! We must remain steadfast to the truth, unwilling to waiver. We will experience many trials and tribulations in this life. They are as much a part of the assignment as the garments we wear and the tables that are prepared before us. They are the biproduct of us standing in the pulpit given to us, accompany the many accommodations that are made for us. It is the results of service that come with the rewards and accolades we receive. Stay before the Lord. Remember who you are and most importantly, remember who He is!

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