The Lord and The Prophet

Now all this took place that what was spoken
by the Lord through the prophet might
be fulfilled, saying,
Matthew 1:22

Reading this highlighted one of the truths of the life of God’s Prophet. The Prophet is merely a mouth piece, a spokesman/woman, a representative if you will, who spends time with the Lord, and is submitted and committed to the Lord to aid Him in guiding His people.

The Word is Spoken before it Manifested

The Prophet is privileged in that He/She often hears the Word first, Understands the Word First, can interpret what has been seen or being experienced, but he/she is not guaranteed to see the fulfillment of what was spoken to him or shown to him in a dream or vision. Because its spoken before it occurs, the Prophet will always face doubt and critique from the hearer. They must have faith both in the Prophet and the God that He serves. His Words must be received as believable to the hearer! truth, even thought they lack proof.

Believable Is Relative to a Proven Track Record

So I was inspired by this passage because of the amount of faith it takes for the Prophet to declare Publicly what He/She sees/hears privately. This knowledge that your words are received with doubt at best, sometimes shuts the mouth of those whom God calls, while others alter their message, watering it down to something that is more likely, or is more palatable to the listening audience.

A Prophet is Listener then Speaker!

Because effectiveness is tied to track record, one must be sure that what is spoken

and or revealed by God is accurate. Anything that is unsure or gray, suspicion or speculation can be shared as though, but not as prophecy or truth (an even this should be to a minimum). The Prophet must spend time in prayer and worshiping the Lord, and must also walk along side others who are walking with the Lord too. This will help them with efficiency and confidence.

Sadly, we are suffering in an age where there are a large volume of false prophets, and called Prophets whom have forgotten the above mentioned order. We have many that are speaking first, and listening second. This attributes things to God that were not to be, and cause people to have challenges with the Lord that should not exist. There are many angry with the Lord for not fulfilling a promise that did not come from Him. The buzz word of today is fake news, and our Kingdom buzz word should be “fake prophecy!” Lying on the Spirit of God was an eternal sin, that was beyond pardon. So a warning to those who speak untruths of the Spirit, and lead mankind astray.

A Prophet is Listener then Doer!

Sometimes what is articulated and revealed to the Prophet, is not a verbal assignment, but a physical one. Furthermore, the verbal signs, are sometimes difficult and sensitive in nature, making them unpopular. These messages can place the life of the speaker in danger, and thus we have some that sit on the Revelation or alter and Edit it. This is not only not right by God, but is unfair to the hearer of the Word who needs full understanding of the expectations placed on them, so their decision can be one that is not made with part of the information. When the revelation is clearly communicated, the breaker of covenant is fully aware of the punishment that comes with the rebellion they carry out.

Though Isaiah saw with his own eyes, the revelation of the Lord, and heard clearly God’s plan for mankind. He documented God’s Word, giving it to the people with full disclosure to insure they knew God’s heart and thoughts towards them. He did His job! Though He did not live to see the Prophecy fulfilled, He trusted God not only to seek Him, but that God will speak truth to Him, validating him by honoring His word as He always did!

God Hits the Script Markers!

Isaiah, long gone, is quoted by Matthew, years after the Lord has spoken through Isaiah, and the many other laborers that followed him. God did not forget His word, nor had He changed His mind about the extent He would go through to show His love for them. Thus we read, “Now all this took place….” God, in His own timing, developed the needed character, scripted out the supporting cast. He reviewed His earlier writings, making sure everything prophesied or foreshadowed was done, leaving no doubt to those searching for truth. He made sure every “i” was dotted, and every “t” crossed.

Prophet Must Speak the Future as the Past

When God speaks of the future, He is discussing the past. It has already occurred and is being revealed for an intended purpose. God speaks with assured, because His character is a guarantor of anything spoken. He is filled with truth, so He doesn’t mince Words, nor does He have to edit what will transpire because He misspoke. He is honorable and consistent, and it is His character and His truth that the Prophet speaks from, not his/her own. Because of this, the Prophet chosen must be one that has and exhibits great character, not only for believability, but for reliability of what he/she transposes. A Prophet thus must trust what was spoken, and speak with confidence what he/she heard. Though He might have doubts himself, He must stand firm and read the minutes from his/her time with the Lord.

Though God is honoring His word, bringing it to past also brought honor to the reputation of the Prophet. While some in his/her time might have laughed and sneered, in the end, the Word shared by the Prophet that laid before the Lord, holding on to each Word spoken, and being bold enough to declare God’s truth, results in an outstanding track record. God is always dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s! Because of this, the Prophet can feel comfortable declaring God’s Word. They must hold fast, knowing that the Prophetic Word given to them, is shared in a unique covenant. This covenant showers honor to the Prophet from heaven, and within the earth. And while the validation of God’s Word identifies a unique connection to God to the hearer, the Prophet must remember that God honors His Word, not because of the Prophet, but because He is God. There must remain humility in the sharing, and a monitoring of ego, remaining focused on the giver of the word, not the praise of those listening. Stay humble Prophets! Your connection is unique, but it can be broken. You are only as strong as the connection you have to the Creator.




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Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.

Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.

Husband of 1, Father of 5, Servant of 1 God!