The Power of the White Male Voice

Johnny Ogletree, III M. Div.
6 min readJan 10, 2021

This is not prophecy, nor scriptural, but simply my thoughts on what I have witnessed over last 4 years, more specifically, the last 2 years. It’s written as thoughts to start dialogue, not to accuse, but to present an argument that seeks to understand what we have all witnessed.

While many have talked of “White Privilege”, my thoughts we taken back to the view and respect given to the “White Male Landowner”.

I know this will seem like a stretch to many, but watching the President of the United States file 60 court cases leading all the way up the Supreme Court (I know he wasn’t physically there, it was his legal counsel) (and I am also aware that the election provided special circumstances) with cases that were based on hearsay, conspiracy theories and most of all his word was mindboggling to watch.

All of the court responded properly and dismissed his claims, the fact remains there were millions of people who accepted the word of one man, who had many documented inconsistencies. There were millions of people who accepted the word of one White male over the voices of citizens and media (which he deemed fake news) to the point that people started recording private conversations and documenting all meetings.

This one voice was so believed that people stormed our nations capital, destroying property, injuring and causing the death of an officer, and loosing the life of 3 other citizens that were there to fight because of his word. People lost their lives because one white male continued to perpetuate a lie that he had been cheated out of what was rightfully his.

This would not be the first time the word of a White male was taken to be more credible that proof or used to support a lack of evidence. Somehow, success and acquisition, whether achieved noble or unethically have been used to justify the actions of some, and cover the track of others who have committed crime and atrocities that have damages one person to a Millions.

Can we learn from a history that
has been rewritten?

Though history is often rewritten, we can still see the smoldering ashes of events that have taken the lives of people impacted by voices that crusaded, colonized, enslaved, raped, lynched, restricted, constricted people and entire people groups, AND USED THE BIBLE TO JUSITFY IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, many of the destructive waves of American and Christian History that can be traced back to false and misleading interpretations from the Word of God! And yep you guessed it, leading the charge to many of these movements were White Male Landowners.

Why I asked myself? Which such a track record, though many slants and edits have been given to the actions taken in the past, how is it possible that we could see so many people swayed by the voice of one white male landowner, who has a track record that is littered with documents and testimonies from thousands of people that have proof of him not honoring his word and standing behind his oaths and contracts? How is it that millions of people can find a man honorable that destroys relationship and turns his back on people who have supported him. How can millions of people find the behavior or a man righteous of just who places the lives of anyone with a different opinion in jeopardy with tweets and phone calls filled with threats and insults?

One thought I had was the image of Christ. Not the Biblical image of righteousness we are all supposed to be pursuing, but the image of Christ that has graced many walls and windows in congregations across the country.

We all know by now that Jesus was not a browned haired blue eyed male. And he was surely not the American White Male landowner he is presented to be by many. People, its just not historically accurate! This is where the argument of “Why does the color of Jesus skin matter?” by my White friends, associates and co-laborers. I normally encourage them to paint images of a Black Jesus on their church programs and stained glass windows. Of course, they would most likely loose 75% of their parishioners. Furthermore, many would also cease to believe because the association many have of people of color is negative and criminal.

Maybe the effect of the whitening
of the image of Jesus Christ
has served as a subconscious association
with righteousness.

The Whiteness of Jesus is key to the belief or many American believers. Thus I asked myself if this fact contributes to the average person, particularly White person, hearing the words of a White male landowner and being unable to accept that he could be lying? Again, could it be that the likeness of the Whitened Christ serves as a covering and justification for the actions of any white male (particularly land owner/wealthy white male) that follows?

How can Misguided People be Guiding People?

Honestly, I don’t know, but can say I am writing and have pondered this after watching the response and dedication to this current white male voice. I have lived through Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, and David Koresh and believed that the advancement of society, and the widely connected community with so much access to information would make it impossible for people to be influenced and manipulated those who are misguided. Yet, history has proven me wrong.

Prosperity Gospel?

Last year, Kanye West spoke of his admiration of the White male leader that has caused such chaos and division over the last 4 years. He spoke of him as righteous, and referred to a doctrine that damaged the church for over 50 years. Something that dates back to the early 1800’s has moved from a minority teaching to the main focus of many Pastors and Preachers. This idea that God wants everyone to be wealthy and blesses and favors those He loves with money and acquisitions, has been a main stay that has sustained many ministries filled with people who are 1. Desperate and Suffering or 2. Greedy and Idolatrous.

Wealth is not Righteousness!

This idea of wealth being validation of God and a sign of being blessed or chosen might be another contributing factor that adds to the strength of the word of white male landowners. People have always and continue to look at individuals who have money as fortunate or at best lucky. While this envy will always be alive, the view of a wealthy individual is quite different when one believes that God made them wealthy because they were righteous and chosen. This causes people to worship and follow those who have money, and feel rejected and unfavored because of their lack or average existence.

As holders of The Word of God, we are able to see the real image of Christ. We are able to use His real image, not the edited image we see, to measure ourselves and others. We are able to look at the fruit from each tree. Not the financial fruit, but the spiritual fruit. We can look at the teachings of Jesus, and apply them to our lives, and understand when those we are in relationship are not applying the word in their lives. God has given us the Holy Spirit. This Spirit is to not only comfort, but is to give us wisdom. It enables us to try and measure other spirits by the righteous spirit of God.

Maybe my grandfather was right? The failings of the church is heavily tied to an inability to live by the Spirit? Maybe this image issue is why God said not to make any images of him? Maybe this is why those in the Muslim faith become irate with any images of their God? Images are powerful! God left us the perfect image of Himself in print for all to see. He wasn’t creating fashion trends, He was changing lives from within.

These are just thoughts and ramblings. Would love to hear feedback.

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